Connect With Your SEPAC

Please connect with us in whatever way feels right for you! 

SEPAC Listening Sessions

Join a listening session where parents, caregivers, and students can ask questions, voice concerns, and connect with one another and representatives from the SEPAC Board. Drop in at any point during the hour!

Note: ACSD staff do not attend SEPAC listening sessions.

2023 Dates: 10/5, 11/2, 12/7 (1st Thurs of month)

Time: 4:30-5:30pm

Location: MUHS Library & via Google Meet

SEPAC Board meetings are held immediately after listening sessions, and everyone is welcome to stay for those meetings. 

SEPAC Board Meetings

Attend a SEPAC Board meeting where SEPAC Board members, ACSD Representatives, and other community members discuss substantive and operational issues. 

Note: All members of the ACSD community are welcome to join SEPAC Board meetings.

2023 Dates: 10/5, 11/2, 12/7 (1st Thurs of month)

Time: 5:30-7:00pm

Location: MUHS Library & via Google Meet

School Liaisons & Board Members

Reach out to the SEPAC liaison for your school community or another member of the SEPAC Board. 

Community Input Form

Share your ideas, questions, and concerns with the SEPAC Board through our Community Input Form. 

Closed Facebook Group

Join Addison Central SEPAC's closed Facebook group where parents and caregivers can connect with one another, ask questions, and share resources.

Note: This Facebook group is for parents and caregivers only.

Send a Message

You can always email the SEPAC at or send us a message using the contact form on this website. 

Note: The SEPAC Co-chairs monitor these inboxes.